Do you know naruto?

Many people watch Naruto, and say they know about it. They think they are really good and understand everthing. This is your chance to proove that you really watch AND read manga. Only a few people have the knowledge to finish this quiz with at least 85%

Are you a Naruto Geek? Do you havfe what it takes to get 100%? I don't think you'r smart enought. Make sure you don't cheat. Because if you do, it won't count, and it will proove that after all, you don't know anything about Naruto

Created by: John
  1. Who was The person that gave Naruto the title of Gennin?
  2. Who were Kakashi's partners as a child?
  3. Why does Kakashi has the sharingan?
  4. Naruto always says: "Belive it!". But how do you say it in Japan?
  5. What are the known eyes techniques?
  6. How does Pein dies?
  7. Who is still alive in Akatsuki (30/10/2009)
  8. What is Sasuke's main aim?
  9. What are clans?
  10. What are the nija ranks?
  11. In what finger does Itachi wears his ring?
  12. Who was once in Akatsuki?

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Quiz topic: Do I know naruto?