Who is your Naruto man?

Take this quiz and see which Naruto man is right for you or if you are truly matched with who you think you are meant for... Never know until you try....

Only takes a few minutes and you could find out which Naruto character you are best suited to whether it be from one you truly love or someone you truly despise... Only one way to find out.

Created by: Sam
  1. If you were to go on a date with your man where would he take you?
  2. If you had to ask your man out on a date what would be your opening line?
  3. If you man asked YOU out what would be HIS opening line?
  4. You have your date with you man and you're leaving.. What does your man do?
  5. Your man had a choice on whether to go train or stay with you, what would he do?
  6. If you are on a date with your man and you are attacked by a rogue ninja, what does your man do?
  7. You finish your date at a restaurant and the waiter/waitress brings over the bill, what happens?
  8. You walking down the street with your man and a beautiful girl is walking past what does he do?
  9. What does your man do in his spare time?
  10. You're introducing your man to your parents, how does he act?
  11. He sends you a gift, what is it?
  12. He proposes to you, what is his move?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Naruto man?