whos ur naruto lurver

this is for you to find your pefect match from the show naruto. if you are wondering the five characters are naruto, gaara, kakashi, saskue, and rock lee. this is for girls only.

do you love any of those people i listed, if you do take the quiz and see if he is your perfect match. do you truly have a good enough personality for the naruto character?find out and take the quiz!

Created by: lilly
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats ur favorite food?
  2. what would do if u and him were at his house alone?
  3. whats ur favorite color?
  4. whats ur favorite animal?
  5. what would u do if he asked you out?
  6. were would you take him on a date?
  7. do you hate sakura?
  8. whos ur favorite character?
  9. whats ur favorite village?
  10. if he died in the show would you kill yourself?
  11. what would you do if he had a crush on ur best friend?
  12. how much do you love him?
  13. whats his personality?

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