How smart are you in Naruto

"Hey you, yeah you, do you think you know a lot about the show Naruto? Do you think you have a brain of shinobi. Cause if you do, take the quiz to see how smart you are in Naruto!"

"You know, lot's of people want to know about Naruto. Well nows your chance, take this quiz and you will now some stuff about Naruto. I hope you do great if you do this!!"

Created by: naruto
  1. Who owns the mind transfor jutsu
  2. Who's name means Cherry Blossoms
  3. Name the 3 legendaries
  4. Which kunoichi wears shin geards
  5. Which team carries weapons on their backs
  6. Who's Hinata's father
  7. What's Sakura's catch frase
  8. What is Haku's main weapon
  9. How old is Tenten in season 7
  10. What do medical ninja do

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Quiz topic: How smart am I in Naruto