Beyond Naruto and Friends quiz

Many people call themselves smart people. There are many categories to be smart and my favorite isn't school but Anime and Manga. If you think you know Anime and Manga you may be genius but prove it.

Do you know Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and others like I do, well if you do from my point of view take the quiz that will make you either say I won, I could have done better, or it was good and hard. Try it though because its funny, entertaining and if you go to school a lot better than homework.

Created by: Alexander
  1. What demon is inside Naruto?
  2. Who sealed the Nine tailed fox in Naruto?
  3. Now we are going to the harder questions so here is an easy 6 point question: who is the main character in Naruto?
  4. Who uses Chidori or lightning blade?
  5. Who is Gamubunta?
  6. Jirobi does what jutsu?
  7. Who taught Naruto to summon frogs and to draw out the ninetailed fox energy?
  8. How did Naruto die when he was older?
  9. Not the last but hard question who is Kakashi's father?
  10. Who killed Sasuke's parents
  11. Also a hard question: where did the name Rock Lee come from?
  12. Can master Gai master only tai jutsu like Rock Lee?
  13. Who stays with Kiba all the time?
  14. What does Orochimaru want with Sasuke?
  15. Who becomes a Chunnin?
  16. Who has a crush on Naruto?
  17. Tsunade gets afraid of blood why?
  18. Who hired Zabuza?
  19. And a Extra credit question: what personality do you have

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