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are u a nnja? can u be a naruto charter try now free Naruto is a young demon fox that goes about life in the form of a young boy. Because his father attacked the ninja village and caused a lot of death and destruction, the villagers are distrusting of him. To that end he grew very resentful of their angry looks. The village chief was the sole survivor of nine powerful shinobi who were gathered to fight the elder fox. The chief took pity on Naruto and allowed him to be raised in the village. While he was growing up, Naruto would learn several of the ninja jutsu including the Henge (transformation technique). Because Naruto constantly was having problems finding any friends, the village chief sent him into the city to try and make one. The chief fears Naruto will become like his father so he hopes a friendship will put him on a good path.

see how u are In the one-shot, Naruto has a greater tie to the Kyuubi. Instead of containing the Kyuubi, Naruto himself is the son of the demon fox. When his father was killed by nine powerful shinobi, the sole surviving shinobi (the current village chief), took pity on Naruto and allowed him to be raised in the village. Like the Naruto we know, this Naruto was also looked down upon by others in the village. Due to this he developed a deep bitterness, with his pranks being more mean spirited and obnoxious.

Created by: gaara

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  1. what weopon would you use...
  2. rank...
  3. curse, no curse...
  4. demon no demon
  5. hair styile
  6. dream
  7. color
  8. naruto or bleach
  9. anime or cartoons
  10. ur fav charater

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