Trinity Blood anime

How well do you know the show Trinity Blood... if your bored don't take the quiz... same thing if you never watched the show and expect to get a high score cause you think the name gives the show away but i won't know so go ahead and take the quiz i don't care

go ahead and good luck with the quiz... its not like i'll tell you the answers so don't bother reading this. if you don't know the show is about vampires so that may give you a little hint but if you don't know the show then go watch it!!

Created by: Lilth Ducaine

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  1. Starting off easy...Who is Abel?
  2. What does Ester mean?
  3. Who did Abel mourn for centuries?
  4. In what year was Abel created?
  5. How is Seth releated to Abel?
  6. Roughly how old are Abel/Seth/Cain in years?
  7. How where the four crusniks created?
  8. How did the vampires come to be?
  9. Who killed Abel and who was the cause?
  10. What color are Abel's wings at 80%?
  11. What "power" does Abel have?
  12. Lastly, what "power" do Cain and Seth share?

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