Are you orthodox Trinitarian?

There are many different understandings of God. Our purpose is to put together a quick quiz for you to find out how far (or close) you are to the orthodox thinking of God and Trinity in Christianity (by orthodox we mean the traditional, conservative understanding).

Maybe you have been a Christian for a long time, but you do not know whether your understanding of God and the Trinity is orthodox and find it embarrassing to talk or ask about it. This is an opportunity for you to find out.

Created by: Jeffrey
  1. There is no Biblical evidence for the doctrine of Trinity.
  2. The early Christians were essentially trinitarian in their experience.
  3. God has emotions according to the Bible.
  4. After God created the world, He just lets the world run by itself while He watches in amusement.
  5. There are hints in the Old Testament that God is Triune.
  6. The Father is the source of all, including the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  7. The Father is superior in His essence to the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  8. The Father created the world all by Himself.
  9. The Son has a beginning; God created him.
  10. Christ is the divine spirit of Jesus, who is merely a human adopted by Christ.
  11. Jesus was elevated to the status of the Son of God because he lived a sinless life.
  12. Jesus was divine on the inside only. He is human only in his body. His soul is totally divine.
  13. Jesus is half (50%) divine and half (50%) human.
  14. Jesus is fully (100%) divine and fully (100%) human.
  15. The Holy Spirit is a divine force; it is not the divine itself.
  16. The Holy Spirit has intelligence, volition, and emotions.
  17. The Holy Spirit is equal in His divinity to the Father and the Son.
  18. Father = Son = Spirit; These are three manifestation of the same God.
  19. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the incarnation of the Holy Spirit.
  20. The Trinity provides a practical framework for human relationship.

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Quiz topic: Am I orthodox Trinitarian?