Are you a Heretic?

No matter what faith, there are always those considered heretics. Over the history those have been hunted and killed, usually while they were hunting and killing believers. They were varied in their devotion to the evil, and their way of expressing themselves.

Are you on the cool but wicked Heretic side? Or maybe you're on the boring but "holy" Orthodox side. Maybe you're a normal believer, or maybe a doubter, not sure what's true? Or a plain old atheist?

Created by: nit
  1. Do u belive in your faith's god?
  2. Do u go to church or beit kneset or mosque?
  3. What music do you like?
  4. Are your parents religous?
  5. What does the number 666 or any equivalent in other faiths make u feel?
  6. what faith do u belong 2? (does not affect results a lot)
  7. what do u think of drugs, tatoos and alcohol?
  8. are u violent?
  9. what do u prefer?
  10. do u curse?
  11. did u like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Heretic?