Christian Sect Quiz

I hope that this quiz will not serve so much to help someone pick a denomination, but more to reveal the things that some Christian denominations accept as true, to highlight the variety of beliefs among those groups, and to force the question of "What do I believe about that?" in every person who takes the quiz. Also, when viewing the result of the quiz, you'll have to add a the usual prefix (http, www) to most of the referenced websites. This quiz creator would not allow URLs in the text body. Apologies.

There are only ten results to this quiz. In making this quiz, I asked members of my theology class to pick ten "interesting-sounding" Christian sects from a list of twenty-seven of the most common groups. As a result, the only possible outcomes for this quiz are: Unitarian Universalist, Jehovah's Witness, Liberal Quaker, Mormon, Orthodox Quaker, Seventh-day Adventist, Southern Baptist, United Pentecostal Church, Salvation Army and Christian Science. These sects are fairly random, and very diverse. Many traditional Protestant or Catholic believers would not consider some of them Christian. I hope that this quiz will give enough information to allow one to make that judgment for one's self.

Created by: Dean Odegard
  1. Do you consider yourself a part of (or the only) universal Christian church?
  2. Does your church confess the Apostles and/or Nicene Creed?
  3. Do you believe in the Trinity (One God, three persons- Father Son and Holy Spirit)?
  4. Do you baptize people?
  5. Does your church do mission work (evangelism)?
  6. Do believe the angel Moroni revealed a new testament of Jesus Christ, which is recorded in the Book of Mormon?
  7. Does your church oppose the military draft for theological reasons?
  8. Does your church refuse to take oaths for theological reasons?
  9. Is your church against the use/consumption of tobacco and alcohol?
  10. Is Saturday the only acceptable day to celebrate the Sabbath?
  11. Is speaking in tongues (glossalalia) common in your church?
  12. Do you call members of your church Soldiers or Officers?
  13. Does your church view pain, sickness and death as illusions?
  14. Does your church believe in hell, or some sort of eternal punishment?

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