How Baptist are you?

There are many people who consider themselvs baptist. Baptists are, afterall, quite cool. If you answer these questions it will reveal the inner baptist in you. Remember, be truthfull. Have fun!

Are you a Baptist? Do you know what Baptists believe and why? Thanks to this great quiz, you can find out how baptist you and your friends are, Even if you aren't members of any church.

Created by: Brandon
  1. How many times should you be saved?
  2. What is baptism?
  3. Who was John The Baptist?
  4. When was the Baptist faith started?
  5. Do the Baptists believe in drinking?
  6. Why don't baptist believe in dancing?
  7. What do baptist believe about speaking in toungs?
  8. Which side of the church should the piano be?
  9. What is a baptist silent shout?
  10. Do baptists believe in backsliding?

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Quiz topic: How Baptist am I?