What kind of Christian are you?

There are many Christians in the world. Some really like being out there on there own though... they are the Presbyterians and the Southern Baptist. It's not bad to be either do so no hard feelings please. Also please don't write me nasty emails about how I'm going to hell... or go ahead but don't be mad when I'm able to gues what your score was.

So what are you most like? Take the quiz and decide if you are more like a Presby or a Baptist. There is no shame in being either. I hope this quiz will allow you to laugh at yourself and your denomination. I also hope it will help you to consider how others view you and how you present yourself.

Created by: Kristin of Queen Kristin
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  1. Which seems the most appropriate form of baptism to you?
  2. Would you rather...
  3. Do you know what the following are: Nicene Creed and Apostles Creed
  4. Which is the proper line of the Lord's prayer...
  5. If you met a Catholic on the street which of the following is the first spiritual question that ran through your mind?
  6. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the folliwing: Disney World...
  7. Which is your favorite way to share the gospel...
  8. Should women submit fully to there husbands?
  9. Pick the color that best describes you:
  10. Have you ever been called judgemental?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Christian am I?