How Christian Are You?

There are many Christian people, but few true Christians. What is a Christian? A Christian is someone that is very knowlegable about God, is able to solve complex problems, and see the world through an entirely different point of view.

Are you a Christian? Do you try to live life as the Bible says? Do you live life as God wants? Take this quiz and find out a little about how Christian you are.

Created by: Das
  1. Do you say "Hi" to everyone that walks past you?
  2. Do you talk out your problems with others in a calm voice or do you yell at them?
  3. Do you keep the Sabbath (7th Day)
  4. Do you try to impress God or do you try to impress everyone else?
  5. Do you agree that people are born as homosexuals?
  6. Do you give to others and expect something in return?
  7. Does God come first in your life?
  8. Do you use thwe Lords name in vain?
  9. Do you talk to others about God?
  10. Do you make sacrifices to go to church like you do with school or work?
  11. Do you care more about what people think, then what God thinks?
  12. Do you fight your enemies and argue with them or do you love them and pray for them?"
  13. Do you care abuot the things you have (Cable, internet, computer, TV, Games, movies ect.)?
  14. Will you pass on this test to others?

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Quiz topic: How Christian am I?