The Christian Nation Question

How many times have you heard people claim, when speaking of the USA, "This is a Christian" nation. Perhaps you have even uttered those very yourself?

You can find out if there could be any truth to the statement "This is a Christian nation" by taking this simple and fun quiz today! (Disclainer: the creator of this quiz is an avowed Christian)

Created by: Ninure the Hippie
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  1. Is there anything in the Constitution of the United States of America that mentions Chistianity?
  2. Was Thomas Jefferson a Christian?
  3. Was Ben Franklin a Christian?
  4. Did American Churches support, or Oppose slavery?
  5. Did Churches in America defend the Rights of the Native Ameicans?
  6. Did Churches in America oppose or defend "Jim Crow"?
  7. Is prayer in America's public school really illegal?
  8. Are Bibles allowed in American public schools?
  9. What would make a nation Christian?
  10. 12. Are you a Christian?

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