How much do you know about Kid Nation

There are many many smart people but few Kid Nation geniuses. Are you a Kid Nation GENIUS. If you love Kid Nation this is the quiz for you. I hope you enjoy this quiz.

Do you want to be a Kid Nation Genius? Well step right up and give it a go. If you don't pass the first time try again. You will feel great pride when you become A KID NATION GENIUS!

Created by: Will
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  1. When the kids where walking to Bonanza who got a cramp in there leg?
  2. Who was on the first town council?
  3. Who was the first to come home?
  4. Who was the last to go home?
  5. Who was the first to get the gold star?
  6. In episode 113 who won the 50,000$ gold stars?
  7. What was the kids first reward for the showdown?
  8. What happened in episode 113 when Mike was walking?
  9. Who was the oldest?
  10. Who was the youngest?
  11. Who were some of the youngest but smartest.
  12. How many kids were in Bonanza at the end?
  13. How many days were the kids in Bonanza?
  14. What was one of the biggest surprises in episode 113?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Kid Nation