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You have to choose between being with the Elves or With the Angels. You were Kidnapped by A hott Goregous Elf and he takes you back to his nation from which you can't escape whether you want to or not. You must help him save his Best Friends or they will surely perish(die) and so will you. You make the decision and you decide so make the right choose. You hold the Key to yours and their loves. But there will be deciviers on your hard long journey of decision and Love.

So will you choose Elves Nation? or Angels? Nation or the Fairies "Know it all Gossipy Nation? So what nation are you. Will you choose wisely or fall at a sad attempt.Are Elves your thing?Are Angels your thing?Are fairies your thing? Or are you your own thing?

Created by: Brianna
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  1. " I know we've been together for awhile but i think it's time we break up.You look blank into his eyes and..
  2. After you leave your now ex-boyfriend Sterling.You start walking home thinking to yourself when all of a sudden a really weird looking van pulls up and you see a really hot guy step out. He stares at you and you stare at him you don't know him at all but you feel a connection.He grabs your arm and trys to pull you into the van...
  3. You flip him over and start running and screaming and (it's late a night.)You race around a corner and slid down against the gate you grab out your cell phone and try to call on of your frineds.When all of a sudden you get hit in the head with something hard and all you know is it hurts and your out cold.....
  4. You wake up with your arm chained to a Enchanting Bed with leaves wrapped around the arms and legs of the bed.Your wearing a long Elf- like dress it's a Carribean Sky Powder Blue.The room is beauitful like a likeside view room with twin doors and two long curtains the blow when you open up the two twin doors of the Balcony. You here a voice coming so you pretend to sleeping. The voice walks in and you sneak a peak the guy. It's the same hott guy who kidnapped you. He puts half his hair in a ponytail and leaves the rest down. He walks over to you gently touchs your cheeck. But before he could do anything you wake up and kick him then you grab the key and set yourself free. You jump off the bed and run to the door and it's locked.You run around the room looking for a way out. You run over to a desk with a sword on it you grab it and you...
  5. You pick up the sword and Challenge him with it."I don't want to hurt you" he says as you grabs for a sword as well. You both start fighting until he trips you with his sword and stands over you. You grab his leg and he falls down. You guys start wrestling on the ground until he pins you down. He looks at you in your eyes and you Scream ...
  6. You scream " What's going on". He looks at you and says my name is Orlando. I'm Elvish I live here i kidnapped you because well there's a battle going on between Angels and Elves and we elves believe you can save our race.You try to get up but he still has you pinned down.Your useless you can't move and you can't defend yourself. He says "trust me". I don't even know you. You yell back. He kisses you on the cheeck and says are you ready to get up and stop resisting me.
  7. "Yes", you scream.He gets off of you and leads you a hand to help you up.He puts back on his robe and says come;follow me he says as he holds his hand out for you.
  8. You grab his hand smiling and he leads you out of the room and down the long hall into a even huger room with a huge goregous bed. The room has pictures of what looks like him and his Elf nation's History.What picture catches your eye first.
  9. You stare at the one with him and the mysterious girl. He notices you starring at it and says. That's my Best Friend. Well used to be my Best Friend.
  10. "What happened"? you ask. Well she was an Angel and I'm and Elf. Elves and Angels could not be Friends,Best Friend,Married,or love or anything. Angels were for Angels and Elves were made for Elves. We snuck around to be with each other each night. But her Ex- Boyfriend followed her one night and found us joking around and talking about when we were kids then he saw us hug.And that seemed to be all he focused on. Well he went back to the Angels and told her father which by the way is the king. Yes that means she was the Princess along side her mother the Queen. I'm also the prince of Elves along side my Parents who are at an Annual Elves Getaway. ( Actually a sercet meeting they just call it that to keep it a secret from the Angels and Fairies. Fairies know everything which can be a good and bad thing. Anyways her ex-boyfriend told because he was jealous. She was supposed to marry him but her heart belonged to someone else. He is apart of my nation his name is Datiorne and they loved each other deeply. The night that her Ex - Boyfriend followed us we knew something was up. And we didn't want them to get caught because if he caught them together he surely would have died. So when we knew he followed us I went out there with her and made it look like we were together. Because you see they can't do anything to me because I am a Prince. So I was safe on my part....You understand..?
  11. Yea I do so what happened to him. Well he travels with my parents so that he is safe always. Because we think they are starting to catch on enough to see that I was not the one she loved.They Know/Knew we were Best Friends but now we have to prove to them that me and her a trully and deeply very muchly in love.Or, my Best Friends will die and you have to chose a side. And to answer your next question " Yes,that's How all this fighting between Elves and Angles started".
  12. "Well we could talk about how I knew you were going to say that or . We can talk about you and I." He starts to back you up aganist the wall slowly and kisses your neck soflty. You start to Faint and his soft laughter brings you back. He whispers in your ear try not to faint on this one and then he kisses you on the lips and your Cold Total Blackout. He starts to giggle softly again. And all you feel is him lifting you up and placeing you gently on the bed. Then you feel him lay in the bed next to you and he brushes your hair softly back and pulls the covers on both of you. Then he starts giggling again and you start to wake up from his wonderful laugh next to his marvelous kissing. He kisses you on the lips again and you guessed it you tottaly Blackout again. And he whispers something in your ear " I want........

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