Your Love Story Part 2

This is your love story.You decide your outcome.Decide between 4 guys.It's a hard decision to make.But luckily I will choose for you.Who will be your dream guy?

I wonder who will you get.You've just moved to a new school and four guys seem to be interested in you.I have to decide between them.I hard decision.Stay in tuned for part 3!

Created by: Erika
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  1. Ok, so last time Jake nearly kissed you, John likes (or loves) you,Eric asked you out, and Daniel kissed you on the cheek.After watching Daniel run to his house you step inside your own.You decide to watch Grey's Anatomy but you fall asleep like 15 minutes into the show.The next day you wake up with an ache in your neck and back.That's what you get for sleeping on the sofa.The next day at school you have spanish, with Jake next to you...this will be awkward he nearly kissed you Friday so yeah... awkward.You get there and you see Jake, he's wearing the jacket he let you borrow."Hey_______"he says, has if nothing had happened."Er, Hey... Jake..."You say a bit sheepishly.You sit down and tense up."Hey, I wanted to ask you about that pool party that Amy's having... and I just wanted to no if you wanted to go with me?"he asks."Umm... sorry Jake I mean...I would love to go,but without anyone, you know.I mean I'm new and the thing with my head, it's all a bit too much, and with a relationship on top of that..."You respond."Oh, then.Maybe next time?"He asks hopefully."Yeah Maybe"you respond, and then class starts
  2. Saturday comes and you get ready for Amy's pool party.You just put on your plain black swimming costume and a oversized David Bowie shirt.Daniel asked you if you could drive together to her party, since you live close to each other and you are going to the same place.You say yes.When you get there you go and sit with Emily and Claire who were waiting for you.You just start talking about boys a stuff."So_______... Is it true that all of the guys have like asked you out? That's what I heard"Emma asks, full with curiosity."Not all of them but,..."you respond."But..."Claire prompted.Before you can respond you hear shouting and screaming coming from the living room.It looks like some drunk guys have crashed the party.You try to leave before it gets too crazy, or you get hurt.Before you reach the door, you feel this stranger grab you from behind putting you over his shoulder "Let's go for a swim baby"the dude says."Put me down!"you demand hitting his back.You keep on hitting his back, seeing if he would put you down."Put her down!"you hear a voice demand.It's Eric."Oh yeah, who's gonna make me?"the dude says. Surprisingly Eric knocks the guy down, knocking you down too.Your back slams to floor forcefully.The pain hurts too much to move.Another guy pick you up and throws you into the freezing pool.Eric jumps in and carries you out to his car.He grabs a dry and clean towel that he had in the back seat and wraps it round you.He rubs your arm warming you up."Those dudes are such... Ugh" he says angrily."Yeah I know"you respond.You touch your back, feeling the pain.You've been getting hurt a lot here.It hurts, but not as much as your head."Can I see if you hurt yourself badly?"he asks.Without responding you undo your bra and turn around.He lifts the back of your shirt."My god, you hurt yourself really badly didn't you, I can't believe your not crying.Most girls would.Are you made out of stone of something?"he says.He rubs where the redness is and he kisses your back softly.You kinda liked it.He pulls your shirt back down and turn around again staring at him in the eye."I'll tell Daniel to drive you home,wait
  3. Daniel Drives you home, but he can't stop asking if your OK.You keep on reassuring him that you are fine but he won't quit asking and asking and asking.With the towel that Eric gave you, you wipe your cheek that was a bit damp.He parks in front of your house, and your glad that your mum is out of town because she would worry about the huge bruise that I would have in the morning.You get to your porch and Daniel is right behind you.You look at him "Thanks for caring Dan" you say.He strokes your cold cheek "I'm so sorry about you back"he says."It's not even your fault, you don't need to apologise" you say.He leans in slowly obviously to kiss you.You lean in as well.You can his warm breath on your lip.You close your eyes and the edge of you lip is on his, but not yet kissing then...RING RING...It's Emma.You hang up."Thanks Daniel,for er... driving me home" you say.You go inside and just lean against the door, brushing your fingers through you hair
  4. You go to sleep last night and you have probably the best dream in your life.(The name of the guy you like the most here) is there.In your dream you are (clothed, now let's not be dirty minded) in his bedroom side by side, with you leg hitch around his waist and his arms encircling you.You kiss him passionately and he rolls on top of you but with care.He kisses you again and you fingers knot in his hair.Then he rolls over again so you are on top of him and he kisses your base of your throat,then your cheek,then your forehead.Then you gently lay across his chest and then fall asleep with him kissing your hair.Thanks to a random cat making weird noises outside you wake up.
  5. You wake up in the morning.And you here the mail,you go down stairs and check it.There's one addressed to you.You open it and read it: Hey complete reject, I've been watching you for the past couple days and see that you have caught the eye of Eric,Jake,John and Daniel.One of those guys is my man,so stay away from him. I'm not telling you which one, you have to figure that out by yourself. Choose wisely or we will have to have a little "talk". Thanks (not) Loser.From The spy who's been watching you. You just drop the letter in shock
  6. You call John since his phone number was the only person's number you have."Hello"John asks."John I need you get over to my house now"you demand."Ok, Ok" he says and hangs up.You just walk around your living room waiting for John.You can feel the tears running down you cheeks with worry and fear.After 10 minutes you hear a knock you run to the door and open it.John is waiting for your response.You hug him sobbing into his chest.He hugs you tighter."Thank you,Thank you John, for coming"you say."What is this all about?"he asks.You show him the note and he reads it."Who is this from?"he asks."I don't know.That's why I called you, I'm scared"you respond.You are now curled up in his chest wetting his shirt with your tears."I'm stupid, why am I crying"You say wiping your hand across your eyes.John lifts your chin with his face inches from yours looking into your eyes."No your not"he says stroking your cheek.You wrap your arms around his neck and look down at the floor.He lifts you chin and kisses you.Your hand knot in his hair and with his hands around your waist he pulls you closer to his body.You suddenly pull away and start to blush looking at the floor again.Did you really like John? You weren't sure."I'll, er... find out who this is..."he says and he heads out the door.You stand there with you head spinning not knowing what to think
  7. Stay In tuned for Part 3!
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