Warriors love story part ONE

im shure you've seen all the ones where you see what cat you are most like, bot not a love story!!

i made all the names and clans up, just to let you know...

Created by: lolwut
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  1. Today is a typical day in WaterClan. You (assuming you're a girl...) are Honeyleaf, a brown and gold dappled sehcat. You are somewhat bored and looking for adventure. you spot Sageleaf and Jayheart by the fresh-kill pile. you walk to them and sageleaf spots you. "hi there" he says "want to go hunting?" you ask "shure" jayheart says. you see mischeif in his eyes. "i promised i would take Beepaw training today..." sageleaf says "i don't mind" you say
  2. as you and jayheart head for the entrance, you spot swiftfoot talking to a group of cats-- foxleap, squirrelltail, and wolfpaw-- probabaly about to lead a patrol. you think___
  3. as you and jayheart are hunting. you catch a squirrel on a low branch, thanks to your jumping abilities. "good catch, honeyleaf" he says during your hunting you find a strange scent wafting twoards you... who would it be? ceartianly not from the clans. "show yourself!" you hiss. there is a movment behind you. you turn around to se a very thin cat, smaller than an apprentice. a kit! it was a rouge. "where is yopur mother?" you ask it's legs buckle under and it collapses you see it start to fade away... "are you alright?" jayheart asks "i'm... fine" you meow
  4. you take the clan lots of fresh kill that day, and by nightfall everyone was well fed. in the warriors den you curl up next to-
  5. in your dream you see the little helpless kit again, only now it is a full grown tom first he starts walking slowly twoards you, the runs. he claws you on the flank, and you fall over he starts attacking you and you cannot move. you yowl "__________!!!"
  6. you feel a paw prod you in the side. it was sageleaf. "are you okay, honeyleaf??" "yeah, just.... had a bad dream"you say. "no cat can sleep with all that muttering" foxleap says you can't go back to sleep, so you slip out of camp to go to the stream to cool off. you love to swim! "stop filthing our water!" a rough meow comes from across the stream. you imeadiately jump on the waterclan side to see darkfur, a brambleclan queen. "sorry" you say, embarrased. you find a thorn bush and lie down. you think-
  7. thats the end for now!! (no effect)
  8. so, who do ya love??
  9. will ya do part 2????? (no effect)
  10. BYEEEEE!!

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