How Well Do You Know Warriors?

Warriors is a series creates by Erin Hunter, a pen name for three authors who work collaboratively on the national best selling series. Many readers have fallen in love with the continuing story of the wild cats who live in four clans.

So, what's your warriors knowledge? Are you a wise leader or an impulsive kit? Do you think you know all there is to Warriors? Note: Updated through Sign of The Moon.

Created by: shadowlove
  1. Who is Firestar's half brother?
  2. Graystripe's mother is...
  3. What is the prophecy for Firestar?
  4. How did Hollylead die?
  5. Who are the Three?
  6. Who is Jayfeather's Ancients counterpart named?
  7. Who is the next Stoneteller after the Stoneteller from New Prophecy and Power of Three?
  8. Who was the first Stoneteller?
  9. What is the name of the kittypet who lives in Firestar's old Twoleg nest?
  10. Who is Brambleclaw's half sister?
  11. Yellowfang tells Jayfeather that...
  12. How does Squirrelpaw get out of the fence on the journey to meet Midnight?
  13. Who is the silver cat in the Tribe's prophecy?
  14. Who is Lionblaze's Ancients counterpart?
  15. Who killed Ashfur?
  16. Who does Jayfeather love?
  17. What happened to Cinderpelt when she died?
  18. Who is Echosong's apprentice?
  19. Rusty dreamt about...
  20. Where was SkyClan's former camp?
  21. Which is NOT a cat term for human?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Warriors?