How Much Do You Know About Warriors?

There are many good readers, and there are many Warriors fans. Do you think that you're one of the people that are both? If you LOVE Warriors, maby you're both.

Do YOU know everything about the Warriors books? Have you read the books, and lived with the Clans? If you thing you know everything about the Clan, take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Darkstar

  1. What is the name for a house cat?
  2. What is Firestar's name before he left his home?
  3. Who first noticed Firestar?
  4. Who pounced on Firestar?
  5. What Clan did Firestar enter?
  6. Who is the evilest cat in the Clans?
  7. How many names for people do all the cats of the world have?
  8. What do the Clan cats call humans?
  9. Who are the cats that travel for the 2nd prophecy?
  10. What is the prophecy that was given to Dovepaw by Yellowfang?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Warriors?