Warriors-fire and ice

This quiz will be testing your knowledge on warriors book 2 fire and ice.the questions in here are not that hard to compleate and if you can't your a noob.(jk)

I hope you like this quiz and if you did tell your friends about it.also check out my other quizzes like could you be a medicine cat?also go to the warriors website bye!

Created by: Shelby

  1. After brokenstar is driven out,who is the new leader?
  2. What is firehearts and graystripes first warrior quest?
  3. What is firehearts sisters name?
  4. Who is the leader of windclan?
  5. Who falls down the gorge while fighting graystripe?
  6. Which riverclan does graystripe fall in love with?
  7. Why couldn't cinderpaw become a warrior?
  8. What did fireheart save frostfurs kits from?
  9. What sickness did graystripe get after he fell into the river?
  10. When fighting riverclan what warrior did fireheart let go of?

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