Do you know warriors?

There are many warrior lovers. Some love it so much they don't ever put the book down...others read it half of the time. What are you? Do you know warriors 100% or 50%? Find out now!

Do you like warriors? Now's the time to find out how much.find out now! For free online if you take this quiz. Do it now-if you please. You may be a warriors expert, or you may not be. Let's find out!

Created by: Libby
  1. What color fur does Firestar have?
  2. who are the 3?
  3. in which book did Fireheart get his warriors name? Series 1.
  4. Who are the 3 toms that liked Squirrelpaw in the 2nd series.
  5. Where did Sandstorm get an idea for Leafkit's name?
  6. what 3 apprentices did Firestar have?
  7. who is really the mother of Lionblaze and Jayfeather?
  8. what is the name of the 2nd book in the first series?
  9. who is Dovepaw's sister? Mom? Dad?
  10. who is Ferncloud's mate?
  11. Who is Toadkit and Rosekit's parents?
  12. how many books in each series?
  13. What do warriors call humans?
  14. who made the series?
  15. how did Bluestar die?
  16. what's the difference between a queen and a warrior?
  17. what did the dogs say in a Dangerous Path?
  18. What two cats made fun of Firestar when he first joined the forest?
  19. What does a warrior have to do the night they become a warrior?
  20. Last question: What color fur and color eyes did Snowkit have that died because he was deaf and most cats with those specifics are deaf? First: Fur then eye color

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Quiz topic: Do I know warriors?