Warriors : The Darkest Hour

If you like Warriors then you should take this quiz. This quiz is about Warriors the sixth book of the first series. So if you take this quiz and you like warriors than take this quiz.

First of all if you are a dog fan I suggest for you to not take this quiz. If you do I feel sorry for you. The reason why is that this quiz is about cats.

Created by: Kyle

  1. Who killed Stonefur?
  2. What is the bonehill?
  3. What happend to Mistyfoot at the end of the book?
  4. Who killed TigerStar
  5. What is Lostface's new name
  6. What two clans make up TigerClan
  7. What was BlueStar's prophecy
  8. What almost killed Sorrelkit
  9. What two clan make LionClan
  10. Who used to be in BloodClan?

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