How well do you know Warriors?

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There are many people obsessed with the series of Warriors-but so many, we sometimes think all of us are. So take this quiz to see if you've read the books enough to know and GET a 100!!!

Are YOU a Warriors addict? REALLY? I don't truly believe you. Can you confer you know Warriors better then me? If you can, that's scary, if you can't-awesome.

Created by: Maximum
  1. Who was Bluestar's mentor?
  2. Who was Scourge's mentor?
  3. What is the third book of the Warriors series?
  4. Who was Bluestar's mate and who is her only living kit(as of 2009 releases)?
  5. Which of these is true about WindClan?
  6. What is the second rule of the warrior code?
  7. What did the FOREST use to be?
  8. What is Greenleaf?
  9. What Clan do you belong to?
  10. What is the name of the website for Warriors?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Warriors?