Which Warrior cat Clan do you belong in?

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Do you want to know which warriors clan you would be in? Please take this quiz to find out!Warrior cats is a book series about cats. They live in different groups/clans, and each clan have a unique ability.

You don't have to know much about Warrior cats and the epic series that flew from it. You just have to know that RiverClan likes swimming, ThunderClan likes stalking prey from the undergrowth, ShadowClan live in the marches, WindClan runs fast, and SkyClan climbs trees wonderfully. Have fun taking this quiz!

Created by: Drizzlestorm

  1. On Sports Day, you are likely to participate in...
  2. If a boulder was rolling down the hill toward you, you would...
  3. What's your favourite meat?
  4. In a park on a hot day, you would...
  5. Which stroke would you use to swim the most often?
  6. If you were in RiverClan, would you eat fish or voles?
  7. Would you be a kittypet or a loner?
  8. Which role would you take?
  9. Which name sounds better for you?
  10. Finally, you must choose: which clan would you rather enter?

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior cat Clan do I belong in?