What do You Know About The Omen of the Stars Series?

Many people think that they know the Warriors series, but do they? I love the Warriors series, so I did a quiz on the most recent arc, Omen of The Stars.

Do you know the series? You think you do? Really? Take my quiz and see if you do, indeed, know the Omen of The Stars series! Good luck, and have fun!

Created by: Scarpath

  1. The Fourth Apprentice Who are Dovekit and Ivykit's parents?
  2. The Fourth Apprentice Who are Dovepaw and Ivypaw's mentors?
  3. The Fourth Apprentice What is different about Dovepaw?
  4. The Fourth Apprentice When the cats go to the lake to collect water, what does Dovepaw do that confuses Ivypaw?
  5. The Fourth Apprentice Why does Rainstorm attack Ivypaw?
  6. The Fourth Apprentice Which cat from the other Clans seems to "like" Dovepaw?
  7. The Fourth Apprentice What is the name of the loner that tells the cats about the beavers?
  8. The Fourth Apprentice Which cat do the beavers kill?
  9. Fading Echoes What cat does Ivypaw meet in her dreams?
  10. Fading Echoes What is Ivypaw's secret?
  11. Fading Echoes What does Dovepaw sense that puts everyone in danger?
  12. Fading Echoes Why does Mousefur go back into the camp?
  13. Fading Echoes Which warrior or elder goes to save Mousefur?
  14. Fading Echoes Which apprentice goes back to save Mousefur and bring her back to the Clan?
  15. Fading Echoes How does Longtail die?
  16. Fading Echoes What part of Briarlight is damaged?
  17. Night Whispers Who is the cat on the cover?
  18. Night Whispers Which cat does Dovepaw start to meet?
  19. Night Whispers Where does Tigerheart take Dovepaw?
  20. Night Whispers How does Flametail die?
  21. Night Whispers Which cat tries to save Flametail?
  22. Night Whispers Which cat tells Jayfeather to let go of Flametail?
  23. Night Whispers Who is Flametail's brother?
  24. Sign of The Moon Who falls into the tunnels?
  25. Sign of The Moon Who becomes the new Stoneteller?
  26. Sign of The Moon Who are the kits of Stormfur and Brook?
  27. The Forgotten Warrior Who comes back to the Clans?
  28. The Last Hope Who is the first Dark Forest warrior that Dovewing attacks?
  29. The Last Hope Who killed Hollyleaf?
  30. The Last Hope Who succeeds Firestar?
  31. The Last Hope Who does Dovewing choose over Tigerheart?
  32. The Last Hope Who was the fourth cat?
  33. The Last Hope Do Lionblaze and Cinderheart end up together?

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Quiz topic: What do I Know About The Omen of the Stars Series?