Are you a Warrior?

The life of a warrior is not for every cat. But are you a true Clan cat? What rank would you be if you lived among the Clans? With this quiz you will find out your real rank.

WARNING: Do not take this quiz if you have not read the ENTIRE series. All plotlines are mentioned here: the original Warriors, The New Prophecy, Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, and even a bit of the Super Editions.

Created by: smokepelt
  1. What was Firepaw's kittypet name?
  2. Who was the first warrior cat that Firepaw ran into?
  3. Who was the deputy before Fireheart?
  4. Who was Bluefur's sister?
  5. Who were Bluefur's two mentors? (in order)
  6. Which three cats were Fireheart's mentors?
  7. In Firestar's Quest, what ancient Clan cat asks Firestar for his help?
  8. Moving on to The New Prophecy. Who is assigned as Squirrelpaw's mentor?
  9. Is Tawnypelt a ThunderClan cat or a ShadowClan cat?
  10. Who are the four cats prophecised to find Midnight?
  11. Which two cats only tagged along on the journey?
  12. Did any cats die on the first journey to sunsetplace? If so, who?
  13. What did #12 die from?
  14. Did the Clans listen to the prophesized cats?
  15. Which Clan leader was in charge during the Great Journey?
  16. In The Power of Three, who was the first to learn about their destiny?
  17. Hollypaw first trained as a...
  18. Who then switched training with Hollypaw?
  19. Lionpaw's mentor was...
  20. What was Hollypaw's warrior name?
  21. When they found out their sister wasn't part of the Prophecy, Lionblaze and Jayfeather turned to whose kits?
  22. #21's kits were...
  23. Who turned out to be the "Fourth Apprentice"?
  24. Lionblaze's old friend turned out to be a full-fledged enemy, and not just from being in different Clans. Who was she?
  25. Thought to be dead, who was the "Forgotten Warrior"?
  26. What was Crookedstar's original name?
  27. Who is the current leader of SkyClan?
  28. One cat in Bluestar's Prophecy caused a change to the warrior code, an addition to scorn the soft life of a kittypet. Who was he?
  29. What book is the final edition to "Omen of the Stars"?

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