What Rank do you have in your Clan? (Warrior Cats Quiz)

This quiz is on a book series called "Warrior Cats". If you have never read any Warrior Cats books before, then you should probably not take this quiz. It will tell you what rank you are.

Note: This is a quiz about Warrior Cats, and it is just for fun. If you are one of those people who gets really upset when they don't get the result they want, and rages on your computer, then just don't take this quiz. You have been warned.

Created by: A Random Person
  1. Are you lazy?
  2. If you had to choose between you Clan or your kits (like Bluestar) what would you choose?
  3. Will you take a mate from another Clan? (And betray the Warrior Code)
  4. Do you like to Play?
  5. How would you feel about dead cats talking to you in your dreams?
  6. Your favorite thing to do is?
  7. Which of these careers would you choose to have?
  8. Who do you admire the most?
  9. Which name would you like?
  10. Who was your favorite character is the first Warrior series (The Prophecies Begin)?
  11. How many Warrior Cats series have you read?

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Quiz topic: What Rank do I have in my Clan? (Warrior Cats Quiz)