What ThunderClan cat are you?

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This is a quiz to see what ThunderClan cat you are, and focused on the first four books of the Omen of the Stars series. Do not take this quiz if you don't want spoilers.

Each rank comes with a description. Also, to inform you, there are two cats you can be who are NOT the first four books of the Omen of the Stars series.

Created by: Madison of My blog!
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  1. !Are you a she-cat or tom?
  2. What is your pelt color, gray, ginger, brown or golden-brown?
  3. What is your role, Leader, Warrior, Apprentice, Kit, Deputy, or Medicine Cat?
  4. Are you blind?
  5. Do you have a mate?
  6. Are you part of the prophecy?
  7. Have you trained in the dark forest?
  8. Have you had a mate reject you before you were mates?
  9. Have you had a small relationship with somebody from another clan or any other cats that aren't your clan?
  10. Were you reincarnated or a kittypet, loner, or rouge?

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Quiz topic: What ThunderClan cat am I?