How much do you know Warriors?

Warriors! When I hear that word, I go kaboom. I go crazy with happiness. I just love the series like Jayfeather loves his stick or as Dovewing loved Tigerheart. So please... READ PARAGRAPH TWO!! Skip this, blag bla bta trat. SEE YOU next paragraph!

THIS MUST BE READ~ This quiz may not be absolutely accurate, but I tried to add some of the things I know about in here. The series from 1-4, and even some of the Super Editions! Take a try, Warriors lovers, you might like this!

Created by: LaughMachine

  1. Who wrote the series?
  2. What is the third set called?
  3. What is Dovepaw's warrior name?
  4. Who was one of Leafpool's kits?
  5. Which kit did Jayfeather save from going to Starclan?
  6. From where did Crowfeather get his name?
  7. What was Crookedjaw called as a kit?
  8. Who was the first Stoneteller in the Tribe?
  9. What is Midnight?
  10. Who was medicine cat when Rowanstar was leader?
  11. What is two of the daylight warriors?
  12. Who was Yellowfang's kit?
  13. Please comment and rate my quiz, alright?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Warriors?