Warriors/Warrior Cats Fan Quiz

Many people know and love the series titled "Warriors." The Erin Hunters have created FOUR sets to this series! The sets are " 'Into the Wild, 'The New Prophecy,' 'Power of Three,' and 'Omen of the Stars.' "

These questions will test whether you are a true Warriors fan. The information needed for these questions are from the sets " 'Into the Wild,' 'The New Prophecy, ' and 'Power of Three.' "

Created by: WarriorCatsLover
  1. What is a queen?
  2. What are large groups of cats living together in this book called (usually)?
  3. What are the names of the four clans?
  4. What is a suitable warrior name?
  5. What can't a medicine cat do?
  6. What is a twoleg?
  7. What suffix do apprentices have till they are a warrior?
  8. Which is Firestar's (the legendary leader), prophecy?
  9. Was Firestar a kittypet?
  10. Who is Scourge?
  11. Who is StarClan?
  12. Who is firestar's best friend?
  13. Who is Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather's mother?
  14. What three cats loved Crowfeather?
  15. Who is Firestar's kits?

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