Do You Know Your Warrior Cats?

There are many Starclan blessed people out there..blessed with the gift of knowledge. Are you one of them? Do YOU know your warriors? Take this quiz to find out!

If you think you have a great knowledge of warriors, take this quiz to see if YOU truly know your warrior cats!! Don't worry if you don't know, just keep readin'!!

Created by: Melissa
  1. I get made fun of because of my kittpyet backgrounds, but other than that, I'm a fair leader. Who am I?
  2. My father was a bad cat. And sometimes cats don't trust me because of him! Even my sister couldn't take it, so she left Thunderclan. Who am I?
  3. I'm part of the Three. If you met me in battle, you would have wish you hadn't. I was trained in the Dark Forest, but narrowly escaped. Who am I?
  4. I lost half my tail in a fox trap. I lost my first love to a snake bite. I'm part of Thunderclan and proud of it. Most of the time I can be bragging. Who am I?
  5. I am now part of Starclan. I was killed by a monster on the Thunderpath while chasing out Shadowclan trespassers. My only son was Whitestorm. Who am I?
  6. I was taken by twolegs. I was stuck there with them while the clan left to the lake. I tried to escape, and found my second love. We now have 3 kits. Who am I?
  7. Me and my sister had a perfect plan. She was a medicine cat, but she had kits. I promised to take care of them, but things got way out of control. Now my mate won't trust me. Who am I?
  8. I have a bad past. I supported 2 murderous cats, killed Rosepetal, and yet I'm found at a very high rank in my clan....Who am I?
  9. I was a medicine cat. One of the best. My brother was Sunstar. I died during the greencough epidemic. Spottedleaf took my spot. Who am I?
  10. I'm part of the Three. I care about cats and help them through herbs. As you have guessed, I am a medicine cat. I never really wanted to be one, but it was Starclan's destiny for me! Who am I?
  11. I was a fair minded leader of Thunderclan. I was a mentor to Lionheart. I held my clan together during the dangerous leaf-bare. Who am I?
  12. I was never mention in the alliances in the first book, Into the Wild. But I WAS mention when Blackfoot killed me. I was in Bluestar's Prophecy. Now I walk with Starclan. Who am I?
  13. I am considered a murderous cat. I tried to kill Bluestar, true. But I had 5 kits, 3 I didn't even know about. One of my kits is now deputy of Thunderclan. I died leader of Shadowclan, because of Scourge. Who am I?
  14. I was given my warrior name after the skill I learned by a tawny owl. I was Thunderclan's second leader. Who am I?
  15. I am one of the best leaders of Windclan. I was leader when Shadownclan drove us out. I was one of the first leaders to argue about leaving the forest. I was on my last life! How could I! I was frail and weak. I changed my deputy on my deathbed. Who am I?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Warrior Cats?