warrior cats quiz

This quiz is about random characters in the warrior cats books. They are based all over different books in the warrior cat series so don't expect all the questions to be in the book you have recently read!

I hope you enjoy the quiz and please recommend it to any friends! The quiz shouldn't be too difficult for you if you have read most of the warrior cats series.

Created by: Rebekah
  1. In Into the Wild, which medicine cat is given a prophecy 'fire alone can save our clan'?
  2. What are the names of Bluestar's three kits?
  3. What is Firestar's sister called?
  4. Which former clan was Barley in?
  5. Who is Tawnypelt and Brambleclaw's mother?
  6. What was Firestar's warrior name?
  7. Which male character died from a badger attack in Twilight?
  8. Guess who my favourite warriorcat is.
  9. Which kit is deaf in A Dangerous Path?
  10. Who was killed by a beaver in the fourth apprentice?

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