What warrior cat are you?

Warrior cats is fun, exiting, and adventurouse, just like all the cats. To the Clans, to the the Thunderpath, to the love and friendship, to the adorable kits, it's hard to say no to warriors.

In this fun quiz, you get to discover you true cat personality. The exiting adventures in the books are practicall matched to my questions, I think it's best your a warrior cats reader if you wanna take this. I think you'll love it.

Created by: Maddie

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  1. You Clan is in trouble because some dogs caused a fire. You-
  2. The one cat you care most about asks you to be his/her mate. You-
  3. Dogs are attaking camp. Your beloved mate and kind, trusted leader are both about to mauled, and they are on either sides of the camp. You-
  4. Yay! It's your first meeting! You-
  5. You have the whole day off. You-
  6. You are finally a warrior! You go up to get your warrior name. You apprentice name is Blazepaw. So, your warrior name is-
  7. It's your first hunting patrole as a warrior. You bring back-
  8. Your camp is being ambushed by ShadowClan, but one of your friends is a ShadowClan cat, and he/she is in the battle! The worst part is, he has your mate. You-
  9. BloodClan is back! You-
  10. Are warrior cats awsome?

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Quiz topic: What warrior cat am I?