how well do you know the new prophacy.?

How well do YOU know the new prophecy.? This is my second quiz on the erin hunter cat books. If you haven't already please take my first one., it has the same title as this one just change new prophecy to warriors series., still by carls jr

Just a warning you my quiz is tricky and good luck.! Keep reading and Remember to lookout for my next quiz on omen of the stars and may starclan light your path;))

Created by: carls jr

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  1. Who did firestar choose to be birchpaw's mentor.?
  2. Why couldn't mothwing smell that the water in the stagnant pool was tainted.?
  3. Who came to brambleclaw in a dream.?
  4. What does mothwing suggest as a substute for coltsfoot to help tallstar breathe.?
  5. What is the path the clans follow to their new home.?
  6. Why does feathertail walk in leafpools dreams after the gathering.?
  7. How does squrrelflight find the new thunderclan camp.?
  8. Which thunderclan cats are chosen to bring the dead bodies of the shadowclan warriors back to shadowclan territory.?
  9. What does brackenfur find in the forest on the patrol to shadowclan territory that signals twoleg activity.?
  10. Why does hawkfrost get mad at brook.?
  11. What is Daisy's explanation for why two legs would set traps for foxes.?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the new prophacy.?