How Much Do You Know About Warrior Cats?

This is a quiz about testing your warrior knowlege. The warrior series is by erin hunter. And all of the books are part of this quiz. If you are able to pass this quiz, you read all of the warriors books.

Have you read all of the warriors books? If you score high, you have. If you score low, then you should read the warriors series. Thanks to this quiz, you can now know.

Created by: yellowfang2323

  1. Who are brokenstar's parents?
  2. Who is the first ever resident of the dark forest?
  3. Who is mothflights mate?
  4. Why is mapleshade evil?
  5. Why did skyclan leave?
  6. What book did spottedleaf die in?
  7. Who killed spottedleaf?
  8. What kills firestar?
  9. How many leaders came before bluestar?
  10. What did nightstar have?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Warrior Cats?