Warriors Family Quiz, part four

The name of Erin Hunter will be remembered for a long time. She wrote the famous Warriors books (my favorites). You may have heard of her or not, but have you wondered if you could be a warrior of Thunderclan?

Could you brave the wild, live in harmony with three other clans, hunt for prey, find a mate, and make good choices? Could you be a warrior? Find out in this quiz!

Created by: Warrior cats fan

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  1. The first few questions will be review, bear with me. In the previous quizzes who were you?
  2. Who is your mate?
  3. Have you taken Warriors Family Quiz parts one, two, and three? (It won't make much sense if you haven't)
  4. Did you like the previous quizzes?
  5. You yawn and stretch, then slide out of your nest, your mate's fur brushing your pelt. He/she wakes up too and you hurry out on a hunting patrol before eating. Do you hunt
  6. You soon hurry home with plenty of prey. You sit down beside your mate and begin to eat a
  7. After you eat you and your mate set out for a stroll. Suddenly you hear snarling and cries of pain. Do you investigate?
  8. But before you can decide your mate rushes away. "Come on ____! (Your name) Hurry!" You quickly follow. You gasp in shock as you enter a clearing. Your old mentor Deadfoot is being attacked by three foxes! Do you
  9. Before you can begin your mate cries out in pain as a fox clamps it's jaw on his/her leg. You decide right then and there that you can't leave. You begin to fight. How do you?
  10. You and your mate fight well and soon the foxes run into the woods howling. You give one last growl of victory then turn to your mate. He/she looks terrified, and Deadfoot lies by his/her paws in a heap. You
  11. You crouch beside him. You know it's too late to get the medicine cat, Deadfoot is dying. "S-Sorreltail!" He gasps. "She's fine." Your mate assures him. "N-no." He coughs weakly. "I'm sorry Deadfoot. You were a great mentor, and a great cat. I'm sorry you had to do this. Thank you. For everything." Your heart throbs with sadness. "Deadfoot," your mate begins. But he's dead. Do you
  12. As you stand there you hear another yowl. Do you go and look?
  13. You and your mate rush forward. You gasp in horror. There, by an old tree in a heap on the ground is Sorreltail. She's bleeding from several wounds, but thankfully she's still breathing. "Sorreltail!" You run forward. She weakly lifts her head. "Help! I'm hurt, and the kits are coming."

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