Warriors Family Quiz

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a Thunderclan warrior under Firestar's leadership? Well that's what this quiz is about. You make important decisions, like catching prey, finding a mate, feeding the clan, and others.

I wanted to make a Warriors Family Quiz where you could find a mate, hunt, feed the clan, and other things from Erin Hunter's books. Do you have what it takes to be a warrior of Thunderclan? Find out in this quiz!

Created by: Warrior cats fan
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  1. You are young Thunderclan warrior, just out of training. Who are you?
  2. With your apprentice days over, what do you plan on doing?
  3. Two of your friends, Graywing and Sorreltail ask you to hunt with them, what do you do? Who do you choose?
  4. You run out of the camp with ______. (Either Sorreltail or Graywing) "Hope I catch a mouse!" You say. "Me too!" ______ says. Suddenly, you see a mouse up ahead, a rabbit is grazing nearby and birds chirp overhead. So much prey! What do you choose?
  5. You pad back to camp with your prey. You are just about to eat when _____ (either Sorreltail or Graywing) says, 'Don't forget to bring prey to the elders and kits first!' What do you do?
  6. While you eat you start thinking about possible mates. There are so many great cats in Thunderclan! Who would you pick?
  7. You have just finished eating when Firestar pads up to you. 'I hope you remembered the elders and kits.' He says. How do you reply?
  8. With the elders and kits fed how do you plan to spend the afternoon?
  9. You are about to go and ____ (your choice on how to spend the afternoon) When Deadfoot, your old mentor approaches you. 'What are you doing this afternoon?' He asks. You tell him:
  10. 'I'll leave you to your stuff.' Deadfoot says padding away. You say goodbye and head off to:

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