How much do you know about Firestar

How much do you relly know about Thunderclan's greatest hero? Now you can find out! You'd be suprised how much you don't know about Firestar as the questions are from the 1st to the 4th siries!

Do you like warrior cats? If yes then I know you can't help admiring Firestar. What's not to like? This quiz has many questions about his dicisons, family, and more!

Created by: Fadingechoes

  1. What was Firestar before he was a clan cat?
  2. What was Firestar's name as a kit?
  3. What did Firestar do to break the Warrior Code as an apprentice?
  4. Who is Firestars best friend?
  5. Who did Firestar give a what-for on his 1st day at the clan?
  6. What two cats "ganged up" on Firestar, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw as apprentices?
  7. What is Firestar's warrior name?
  8. Who did Firestar 1st appoint deputy?
  9. What lost clan did Firestar revive? (Hint: he was a leader at this time)
  10. Who are Firestar's kits?
  11. Who is Firestar's mate?
  12. Who were the last two cats that Firestar appointed deputy?
  13. In "Firestars Quest" why was Sandstorm mad at Firestar?
  14. Who in Firestar's family dosen't belive in Starclan?
  15. Wich answer fits Firestar's description?
  16. Is Firestar awesome?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Firestar