Warriors Family Quiz, part three

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live as a warrior in Thunderclan? To hunt, find a mate, and maybe become a leader? Can you survive the wild? Find out in this quiz!

Now, make sure you have taken Warriors Family Quiz parts one and two first, or this won't make much sense. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to live in one of Erin Hunter's books? Well, thanks to my quiz you can. Now, we left off where you had just visited with your possible mate...

Created by: Warrior cats fan

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  1. Okay, so this quiz will most likely not make sense unless you take 'Warriors Family Quiz' and 'Warriors Family Quiz, part two.' Have you taken them yet? Note: this doesn't affect your score.
  2. You pad off to Firestar's den after he called you. (in the last quiz) 'Yes Firestar?' You say. '________ ,(your name) I need you to go out on patrol.' You say:
  3. No matter what you said Firestar sends you out on patrol. It leaves in a few minutes. You can have a few minutes to yourself, what will you do?
  4. Soon it is time to go. You join the patrol and set off. Firestar included. When you pass the Windclan border you see a she-cat who has chased a rabbit onto your border! What do you do?
  5. The she-cat looks scared, especially when Firestar pads up to her. "You are trespassing on Thunderclan territory!" He says. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't know! I was chasing a rabbit and I didn't mean to cross the border, honest!" Firestar looks grim. "_______, (your name) escort her to the border. And you Patchpelt, don't let this happen again." She nods. "Y-yes Firestar." How do you escort her to the border?
  6. You head back to camp. Your heart speeds up and your mouth gets dry as you see 💗 sitting by the prey-pile. You sit down and begin to eat, but the fresh-kill sticks in your throat. Is it time to tell 💗 how you really feel about him/her?
  7. But before you can say anything 💗 speaks. You choke on your prey. "I was wondering, do I, do you, do you want to be mates?" What do you say!?!?
  8. If you said yes, 💗 nuzzles you and purrs with joy. "I'm so happy!" He/she cries. How do you respond?
  9. If you said no, then 💗's eyes flash with hurt. "Oh. Okay." He/she pads away. You feel bad for offending 💗. Do you follow him/her?
  10. If you said no you realize that 💗 is to valuable a cat to loose, you decide to become his/her mate after all
  11. You and your new mate make a nest together in the warrior's den. As you fall asleep you can't help but think your life just got better. Maybe one day you'll even have kits...

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