Warriors Family Quiz, part two

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a Thunderclan warrior? Do you have want it takes to make decisions,feed the clan, find a mate, and protect the clan? Find out now!

Now, unless you have taken 'Warriors Family Quiz' this might not make much sense, so I suggest you take that quiz first. Now, we left of where you were about to go and spend your afternoon doing the activity of your choice, enjoy!

Created by: Warrior cats fan
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  1. You spend the rest of your afternoon:
  2. After a busy afternoon, you grab some prey and settle down to eat. Then you realize, it's the night of the Gathering! What do you do when Firestar asks if you want to come?
  3. When it's time to leave for the Gathering you:
  4. At the time of the Gathering you:
  5. The next morning you are eating your fresh-kill when Sorreltail pads up to you. 'Im expecting kits!' She puts. What do you say?
  6. Sorreltail's news has you thinking, would you be that happy with kits of your own? Is it time to look for a mate?
  7. Let's review. From the last quiz who did you pick for a possible mate?
  8. The news of Sorreltail's kits spreads quickly. A few days later, you are eating when Graywing pads up to you. 'Congragulations!' You say. Graywing smiles. 'Thank you. The nursery will be full soon, with more than one litter of kits maybe. That ______ (possible mate) is certainly a great cat.'
  9. Graywing's words make your pelt hot. What makes it worse is that _____ (your possible mate, who will be identified by the💗 from now on) is sitting right by you. What do you say?!?!
  10. Then, the worst of the worst things happens. 💗 comes up to you! And that's not all, 💗 speaks to YOU! You might actually die of embarrassment when 💗 says: '______ (your name) is a pretty awesome cat too. Any kits of ______ (your name) will be great.' You REALLY want to die now. What do you say?
  11. 💗 walks away and you find yourself looking after, watching 💗 leave. You shake yourself, you're too young to be thinking like this! Do you follow or not?
  12. But before you can follow, Firestar calls for you. With a sigh you watch 💗 disappear behind a tree as you follow the sound of Firestar's voice. 'Good-bye 💗.' You whisper padding away.

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