What warrior cat clan r u in?

This quiz is based on the warroir cat books bye Erin hunter test ur knolage with this test. Warriors cats r cats that live in clans who hunt and live with one another.

Are YOU a true warrior cat fan find out with this simple test it is about all the books I took random questions and made it into a test enjoy this test!

Created by: Speckles

  1. What was brighthearts first warrior name?
  2. What was firestars warrior name?
  3. What was firestars kittypet name?
  4. Who was thunderclans leader before FireStar
  5. Who where bluestars mate and kits?
  6. *Fill in the blank* ________ is bramblepaws sister in shadowclan?
  7. What/who killed feathertail
  8. What was bluestars warrior name?
  9. Who is jayfeather lionblaze and hollyleaf's real mother and father?
  10. Who is the last cat to join jayfeather and lionblaze in the profecey (power of three)
  11. Which cat is blind?

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