what warrior clan are you in?

are you a clanless warrior. then you shuld take my quiz and im shure that your new clan will gladly welcome you in. i did not put any fake clans in the quiz so if oyu know about he warriors you will get one that you at least know of.

if you are awarrior fan but dont know what clan your in then take my quiz and find out. and if you dont know about the warrior sieres then take the quiz any way and find out.

Created by: Bethany

  1. are follwing the rules improtant to you?
  2. do you like to decorate you room wiht stikera nad posters and shuch?
  3. do your friends conseder you a fast runner.
  4. if a classmate is nufarliy acused of cheating on the test you just took do you try to defend them?
  5. do you prefur to keep to your self?
  6. if you dont sucseed in the first time then you try again nomatter how many timmes it takes you?
  7. durring the summmer do you like to swim most of the time?
  8. do you like to stay up late at night?
  9. so you agree with the saying "you snoze you lose"?
  10. can you snek up on a friend with out thiem hearing you comeing
  11. do you injoy baord games?
  12. would you rather be out side that niside
  13. if you were at athem park with you frinds would you rather go on the scarest roller coster first.
  14. do you deam of one day owning a boat?
  15. do you prefure to wear black over the other colors
  16. is loyalty in afrindship improtant to you?

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Quiz topic: What warrior clan am I in?