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  • What is your worst fear?
    "I fear extreme quietness and stillness. and also accidentally dropping my phone"
  • Quotes
    "“Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Come watch TV.” -morty! :D"
  • If anyone's still awake...
    "Is it 4 in the afternoon by any chance? ;0"
  • If anyone's still awake...
    "My day was quite uninteresting :( (also a confession: I'm not nocturnal, just in a strange timezone shhh"
  • If anyone's still awake...
    "Yay hello!! How was your day?"
  • If anyone's still awake...
    "Yes this account is like 5 years old. Came back because covid-19 exists and I have too much time ;-;"
  • If anyone's still awake...
    "I would like to mention that I enjoy tomato soup. I would also like to mention that I would like to have a conversation. Thank you. what am ..."
  • roleplay.
    "Oh I'm sorry... Family problem kept me from coming here, but I'm back now.)) Bramblepaw's eyes widened. 'What...?' He mewed, le"
  • RP anyone?
    "I'm going to try.) The rain was lashing wildly at the car windows, the windscreen wipers frantically erasing every drop. It was of no "
  • roleplay.
    "Sorry for the late post. Been busy preparing for school exams.)) Bramblepaw rolled his eyes. 'Come on!' He mewed, helping Crick"
  • roleplay.
    "That's funny. He hasn't known any prophecy. I'll change that) Bramblepaw blinked in admiration. 'Your first day!' He mewed."
  • RP anyone?
    "Shall we start sometime?"
  • RP anyone?
  • roleplay.
    "Bramblepaw purred with amusement. 'Okay!' He mewed happily, settling down beside Cricketpaw and tore into the mouse. 'Thanksh' He mewed arou..."
  • warriors clan
    "Mistycloud angled her ears toeards the conversation."

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