How happy are you really?

Oh no poor me! Now, I wanna write this to test how happiness occurs to you, and congratulations, person, you are taking my silly funny and good quiz! Yippee! I love it!

Now, keep exploring, many secrets for you to uncover, right? Oh and your gonna live quite happily, I reckon! Why? Cause you took my outstandingly perfect quiz about happiness!

Created by: LaughMachine

  1. Okay, so this is a quiz about happiness, how happy do you feel now?
  2. Now, do you like chocolate?
  3. What about watermelons?
  4. I say "hi!" What is your reaction?
  5. Do you like outdoor sports?
  6. Pick one of these icons, will you?
  7. Take a break from this quiz for ten seconds, did you do it?
  8. Let it go, let it go... Recognize that?
  9. Say the word "oh" five times... What do you think?
  10. IMPORTANT QUESTION: why did you take this quiz?
  11. Okay, thanks... Thoughts?
  12. Will you comment... Or rate?
  13. Okay, the end of this boring quiz... Shall we say goodbye?

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Quiz topic: How happy am I really?