are you happy enough ?

nobody is perfect every one is messing something and we all want happiness , happiness differs from person to an other it's compicated but it exists :)

does happiness exist ? are you happy enough ? life is too short we need to find happiness any way , you want to know how happy you are take this quiz and find out

Created by: senda

  1. do you have any friends ?
  2. do you like your career or your school ?
  3. do you have any hoobies ??
  4. do you have a GF /BF, are you happy in you marriage
  5. do you believe in love ?
  6. do you have any animals ?
  7. what do you prefer the most ?
  8. do you like music ?
  9. do you like sports
  10. do you like celebrites
  11. do you want to have kids ?
  12. where do you prefer to live ?
  13. your dream date ?
  14. where do you see your self after 5 years from now ?
  15. you consider you self...
  16. can any one of these express your life ??
  17. you aim to
  18. did you enjoy the quiz ?

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Quiz topic: Am I happy enough ?