What Animal Would You Be In A Second Life?

So many animals exist in the world, some wild, some domesticated and some in the middle, - wild turned tame. Many are hunters, many are herbivores, and still more simply search for the food bowl throughout the house.

Of all the animals in the kingdom, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, which one would you be if you weren't human? A predator, hunting for your dinner? Would you fly like a bird? Maybe you would even sit with your master every night at 8:00 to watch a great show, like Friends. It wont be long until you find out!

Created by: Rebecca
  1. How independent or dependent are you?
  2. Would you rather live as a family unit or in solitude?
  3. Which one of these descriptions suits you most?
  4. Have you ever gotten pushed around or bullied?
  5. Which of these foods is your favorite?
  6. How many kids would you like to have?(If any)
  7. Which are you?
  8. Would you rather run, climb, jump, or fly?
  9. Which would you prefer, fishing or hunting?
  10. Would you rather be wild or domestic?

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