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  • Your Result: A Cat 90%

    Playful, curious, happy, and always enriching your knowledge by figuring out new things to do. You are just about never bored, as you always seem to find ways to entertain yourself, or new things to do. The littlest of things can easily impress you, and you often get distracted unless you are listening/doing something more interesting. You can be very independent, but rarely feel lonesome. You are quite an intelligent and happy person most of the time, and others become interested in your actions. To you, it does not matter what others think about what you do or how you behave, it just matters if you like to do whatever it is that your doing. If you get into a fight things can get ugly, and you will start to become hostile to them, and make sure they know that they have made you annoyed. You also most likely love to sleep, unless your busy playing.

    So true!

    Pyra Potter
  • I got my Spirit Animal, the bear.


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