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Career plays a role in one's overall health, and one should pay close attention to how they feel about their job and the environment and circumstances by which they support their life.

Living the life you want must include doing work that you feel is fulfilling in some way. Have you been you trying to decide if you should hire a career coach? We’ve put together a quiz to help you figure it out.

Created by: Q the Life Coach of this site
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  1. Do you love your current (or most recent)job?
  2. Do you love your boss?
  3. Is your work challenging?
  4. Do you love the environment you work in?
  5. What's your perspective on work?
  6. What kind of a spender are you?
  7. Of all the people you know, how many of them can relate to your career situation?
  8. How's your work-life balance? What work-life balance? I'm always at work or stressing about itThere are some good days and some bad days.I have a healthy boundary between work and life
  9. Do you have a clear picture of where you want your career to be 5 to 10 years from now? Not at allI have the general ideaI have a clear 5 year plan
  10. Do you have much autonomy at work?
  11. Do you enjoy the other people you work with?

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