What kind of musical career is best for you?

This is a quiz meant to see what kind of musical career path you are suited for. It is presumed that you are interested in a career in music when you take this quiz. People who aren't interested in a musical career path should take it too, though, just for the "what-ifs". Keep in mind that, like all quizzes here, it is a guideline and is open to flexibility. However, I feel as though it should come pretty close in assessing what musical career path is right for you!

Career paths in music require certain choices and decisions. Like all careers, they require hard work and dedication, but also a knowledge of your own abilities and the way in which you work best. A little quiz like this one may help you figure that out. My hope is that it can provide people with an insight into the way they work and to some of the possible career paths that are available to musicians today.

Created by: Jaems of Jnote.org
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  1. How often do you practice?
  2. What do you play? (check the one you spend the most time on)
  3. What is your highest training level?
  4. What matters most from this list?
  5. What is your most prized skill?
  6. How would you feel if you had a career that had nothing to do with music?
  7. How would you feel if your musical career differed from what you really wanted to do?
  8. When did you start studying an instrument?
  9. What is the thing that people say about you the most?
  10. What character trait are you most proud of?

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